Monday, January 14, 2013

a pregnant pause


I haven’t written in forever.
Thank you for your sweet messages & emails. Everything is good. Baby is fully cooked and nearly here! Can you believe it?

Above is my bump last week. I have forgotten what my toes look like. Even the bottom of my belly is a mysterious land to me now. It seems impossible that it will ever be different to this again!

Below is a bit more of a photo-update, mainly via Instagram & my iPhone. For the first time I can remember, I haven’t had the energy to use my camera. I’m making a concerted effort to get past that now, because I know I’ll regret not documenting these times and the ones ahead.


This was our second scan at 20 weeks. We had the world’s grumpiest sonographer who seemed to take forever to tell us everything looks great. We asked to know the gender and she forgot to look! I couldn’t accept that, so hopped back up on the bed while she took another reluctant look.

& guess what?

We filled an empty cardboard box with the balloons and gave it to R’s parents as an announcement. As the time draws closer, I start to worry that the sonographer didn’t look properly. She was so quick, & such a grouch! What if she’s got it wrong?! Can I dress a boy in pink for 3 months please?


In October we went to New York. We’d actually booked it for NYE, but when we realised I was pregnant it quickly became obvious I wouldn’t be able to do much by then. We thought we were lucky to be able to swap it – until we landed & Hurricane Sandy hit. We were lucky to be safe & keep power, but it wasn’t what we had planned. I have the most unusual, if slightly dull photographs from that trip. I must share them in a separate post!


As my bump has grown, so has my fatigue and backache. The thought of a warm bath was all that got me through days at work! I soak for an hour in hot water, & soak my brain in baby books by Dr Sears & his wife. It’s deliciously indulgent me-time. I finished work just after Christmas, but this routine still stays. Baby loves bathtime & gives her biggest kicks when while my bump sits above the water line!


Nesting in my case has been a real & genuine instinct. Shortly before Christmas it kicked in, & it’s been raging ever since. Bin bags full of old possessions have been cleared. The kitchen has been replaced, a stair carpet fitted, the baby’s room & our bedroom repainted. I do as much as I can but Boy has been a total hero, carrying my hair-brained schemes along with me, as well as working full time. He’s already the best Daddy to this baby <3

baby shower

This weekend my amazing friends threw me a semi-surprise baby shower. We had afternoon tea & I got buried in the world’s biggest pile of gifts. I kind of hate being the centre of attention, but gifts for Baby are technically guilt-free & are just too exciting & gorgeous to object to. So me and Bump are thoroughly spoiled, and Baby wont need any new clothes until she is 17.


& speaking of clothes, I’ve been doing lots of little-person laundry. Something about washing out manufacturers detergent before putting them on a newborn, I think. It’s strange & magical to see them hanging around the house, drying. It’s like she’s already here, & has been giving me more & more ‘ohmygoshthisisreallyhappening’ moments every day!


So now I am huge. My rib cage was the biggest surprise – it’s expanded to fit all those displaced organs and suddenly my whole shape has changed. Some sort of witchcraft has occured, & so far I have no stretch marks (37 weeks) & I’m hoping this continues! I love my bump for housing our daughter, but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to getting back to something like myself again. Running up the stairs or picking something up from the floor are the stuff of daydreams to me these days! But not long now!

From Wonderland, with Love, Sara xx

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